The Economic Times Factory of the Future Summit 2019


Collaborative Operations

DELMIA Collaborative Operations is the cornerstone of the 3DEXPERIENCE Operations vision that enables a common understanding for all stakeholders. This solution provides a holistic, model-based, and data-driven digital backbone that breaks down the silos between diverse functional users from engineering, operations, and supply chain.

Industrial Engineering

With DELMIA Industrial Engineering, customers can virtually validate value networks, , process plans, logistics plans and workforce plans to quickly respond to the competition or to take advantage of new market opportunities.For manufacturers, DELMIA Industrial Engineering capabilities extend visualization beyond the product into manufacturing and operations.

Manufacturing & Operations

DELMIA Manufacturing & Operations solutions transform global operations to achieve and sustain operational excellence. This is accomplished through digital continuity, a shared digital landscape connecting all stakeholders to improve visibility into, control over and synchronization across manufacturing operations and supply chain processes on a global scale.

Planning & Optimization

DELMIA Planning & Optimization powers reality-based planning, scheduling and optimization for complex business processes within manufacturing, logistics, transit and workforce operations--across all planning horizons. Built around a 100%-fit model, it's configured to respect all of an organization's unique rules and constraints, such as production capacity, inventory and logistics constraints and more.


India is geared up for the next revolution, where manufacturing will grow ever smarter, thereby transforming manufacturing and production industries. This amalgam of the virtual and real provides an avenue for optimization, and greater efficiency.

The Economic Times Factory of the Future Summit powered by Dassault Systemes is a one-of-a-kind platform where attendees experience thought-provoking content through carefully curated closed room discussions and networking opportunities through peer to peer discussions.


An Industry Renaissance is happening now and it is far beyond digitalization. We must rethink industry of the 21st century. Dassault Systèmes and the 3DEXPERIENCE platform will enable you to:

01 Achieve Sustainable innovation & Excellence: Reduce risk, improve, and predict operational performance by combining the power of virtual and real worlds where people and machines, come together to transform manufacturing i.e. Connected Factory.
02 Devise strategies to drive Value Networks: Transform supply chains into value networks by removing barriers between different stake holders and enabling new business models for delivering sustainable innovation to consumers.
03 Methods to enable Workforce of the future: Empower the Workforce of the Future with the combination of knowledge and know how to train and reveal talents

We look forward to meet you in Pune as we explore together the “Factory of the Future”


Manufacturing is a critical element in a process of value creation, not just a way of producing goods and services.

In the Experience Economy, value resides in the knowledge and know-how used to create the product, and in the customer experience the product enables, rather than in the product itself. The main challenge is to redefine the ways of working—from streamlining to standardization across a global approach, and leverage the digital transformation that is being pursued.


Innovation is seeping ever deeper into the industry fabric, what with technological advancements embedding itself across the board. However, with it comes obsolescence, and managing this will be critical to long-term success if value is to be created in a sustainable manner, rather than rapidly eroded. Companies need to manage new customer demands and expectations for highly customized products and shorter delivery times. Addressing this challenge requires more flexibility and higher efficiency from their manufacturing assets.


Traditional solutions will no longer deliver maximum value for manufacturers as we move headlong into a new era defined by a definitive renaissance. It is only by embracing digitization that companies can move up through the value chain, for digitalization allows one to visualize future impact before the manufacturing process is even begun, a radical development that promises to up-end the industry as we know it.

Digitally informed production is the next stage of manufacturing, and with India at an early stage of becoming a manufacturing powerhouse, it is imperative that technology is leveraged to improve competitiveness and innovation. As the industrial manufacturing landscape continues to undergo fundamental economic and social shifts, the new ways of industry will become the new normal.


India is poised to be one of the youngest countries in the world, with 65 percent of the population under the age of 35. Thus, it is essential to arm this young workforce with the tools, knowledge and know-how needed to succeed in this global economic reality. Building India’s Research and Development capabilities will be critical in this regard, as they will serve as a hotbed of fostering innovation.

In Summary, With the boundaries between real and virtual worlds blurring rapidly, it is creating a new wave of solutions hitherto unimaginable. DELMIA Apps powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, helps industries and service providers connect the virtual and real worlds of value networks to collaborate, model, optimize and perform. A complete solution framework to value network stakeholders: from suppliers, to manufacturers, to logistics and transportation providers, to service operators and workforces.


17:30 - 18:30 Registration & Networking with Hi-Tea/Coffee
18:30 - 18:35 Welcome Address
  ET Edge
18:35 - 18:50 Keynote Address
  Guillaume Vendroux, DELMIA CEO, Dassault Systèmes
18:50 - 19:10 Spotlight Talk 1: Taking Smart Manufacturing to the Next Level: Adding Agility to Operational Excellence
  Vijay Kalra, ED & CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers & Chief of Manufacturing Operations Automotive Sector, Mahindra & Mahindra
19:10 - 19:30 Spotlight Talk 2: The Interconnected Manufacturing Technologies in Action and how to Use IT for Operational Advantages
  Ashok Sinha, Director Supply Chain, Cummins India Engine Business Unit
19:30 - 19:50 Spotlight Talk 3: Transformation Towards Operational Excellence
  Kiran Divekar, Director DELMIA, Dassault Systemes
19:50 - 20:30 Unconferencing Session
  The Three Dimensions of Smart Manufacturing: Agility, Innovation & Operational Excellence
  Ulhas Deshpande, Partner, PwC India
20:30 Technical Showcase
21:15 onwards Cocktails & Dinner


Ashok Sinha

Director Supply Chain
Cummins India Engine Business Unit

Guillaume Vendroux

Dassault Systèmes

Kiran Divekar

Director DELMIA
Dassault Systèmes

Ulhas Deshpande

PwC India

Vijay Kalra

ED & CEO, Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers & Chief of Manufacturing Operations Automotive Sector
Mahindra & Mahindra

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