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India’s power market is the fth largest in the world. The power sector is high on India’s priority as it offers tremendous potential for investing companies based on sheer size of the market and returns available on investment capital. Growth of the power sector is of paramount Importance, not only because of its investor friendly outlook but also because if India has to sustain the momentum of development, it should maximize its power generation capacity while ensuring that the impetus of industrial development is not stagnated.

The Economic Times Power Focus Summit 2014, Delhi is a thought leadership platform which brings together Industry‘s biggest names, policy planners, decision makers and key stakeholders to exchange ideas and strategies which will help revive the country’s power fortune. This year’s central theme is “energizing the power economy – ideas, incentives and strategies”. The approach is to highlight major success stories, emerging opportunities and trends while seeking answers to revive the country’s power sector with right policy framework, ideas and investments.