time (PM) Sessions
02:00 – 03:15 Registrations | Networking | Experience Zone
03:15 – 03:30 Guest of Honour: The Government’s Vision on Accelerating Digital Innovation in India

  • Sh. Anup Kumar (ITS), Deputy Director General, Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), Regional Office, Bengaluru
03:30 – 04:00 Start-Up to Unicorn Journey: Cloud-driven Business Transformation

In the connected world, you are competing everywhere with everyone. Technology landscape is changing every second of our existence. With high-tech solutions to everything possible, mankind is getting a step closer every day to a fully technological existence. In this session, we will explore how emerging enterprises are changing the rules of the game and capitalising on some of the fast-growing emerging technologies like AI, ML, Blockchain, and Analytics. Amid the global volatility and uncertainty of the past two years, one thing has become clear: the cloud is integral to business success in the digital age. An October 2021 survey by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services of 300 respondents familiar with their organization’s cloud strategy and adoption confirms this point.

Key pointers of discussion:

  • Using emerging technologies for operational excellence
  • Cloud as the backbone/catalyst for innovation
  • Redefining the new workplace model
  • Data and BI for unmatched customer experience
  • The 1BN dollar journey


  • Vishwanath Ramarao, CTPO, ACKO General Insurance
  • Katreddi Kiran Kumar, VP Data Platform Engineering, Meesho
  • Anurag Laddha, Head of Engineering, DealShare
  • Akhil Gupta, Founder & CTPO,
  • Narendra Babu, CTO, PayU
  • Vivek Mathur, Partner, Deloitte IndiaModerator
04:00 – 04:15 Spotlight Session:  Delivering a smarter supply chain; powered by Cloud

  • Monojit Mazumdar, Partner, Deloitte India
04:15 – 04:35 Fire-side Chat: Metaverse and Cloud Computing: a co-dependent existence

With the emergence of the metaverse, it becomes significantly more relevant with an added layer of complexity, but this does not detract from its importance. In fact, both can and most likely will exist co-dependently in the future.

Metaverse-as-a-Service (MaaS): How Public cloud providers will translate metaverse into MaaS, i.e., fully hosted and managed offerings that allow customers to effortlessly deploy their own custom metaverse environments.


  • Anjani Kumar, CIO, Strides Pharma Science
  • Akilur Rahman, CTO, Hitachi Energy India
  • Sharat Chandra, Co-Founder, India Blockchain Forum & Head- Research & Strategy EarthID – Moderator
04:35 – 04:50 Learn how Afterpay successfully moved to Atlassian Cloud in record time, and with immediate results for the entire organisation

  • Scott-Goh Davis, APAC Head – Solutions Engineering, Atlassian
04:50 – 05:20 Turning Data into Dollars! – Driving growth and Efficiency Through Data & Analytics

Data is enabling the use of a new set of lenses to transform the entire business value chain and, with it, the way we perceive everything from human interactions to business processes. Digital innovation is critical to realising the full potential of data for Indian businesses, the economy, and the average consumer.

Data Models & Sources | Apps | Analytics Models | Computing Power | Sharing & Storage

Key pointers of discussion:

  • Data’s role in business intelligence
  • Efficiency in operations
  • Analysis of the business value chain


  • Phaneesh Gururaj, CTO, Koo India
  • Harsh Saruparia, Co-Founder & CTO, OTO Capital
  • Jitesh Sah, VP Data Analytics, Indegene
  • Animesh Bansriyar, Solutions Architecture Manager – Emerging Markets, APJ, Elastic
  • Sunil Iyengar, Data Analytics Sales, Google Cloud India
  • Karthikeyan Krishnamoorthy, Executive Director, Deloitte IndiaModerator
05:20 – 05:35 The Digital Innovation Imperative

  • Nipun Sharma, Senior Manager, Solution Engineering, Salesforce
05:35 – 05:50 Network for the Next Decade – drive by AI

  • Rajesh Kumar, Technology Head, Enterprise and Government, India & SAARC, Juniper Networks
05:50 – 06:20 Deriving Business Value of AI in Cloud

Collaboration between AI and the cloud is a concept that is gaining traction in businesses. The use of AI Cloud will provide value to enterprises by increasing the economic options for data storage and computation and placing a strong emphasis on AI adoption.

Artificial Intelligence | IoT to IoE | Machine Learning | AI Chatbots

Key pointers of discussion:

  • Enterprises to derive greater value from their AI investments
  • Boutique Cloud services – “My cloud, My Way”
  • Greater hyperscale specialisation


  • Rejin Surendran, Global CIO, Wipro Enterprises
  • Yoginder Grewal, CTO, Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages
  • Karthikeyan Krishnaswamy, Co-Founder & CTO, KreditBee
  • Ramkumar Mohan, CIO, Air Works Group
  • Ashwin Khorana, CIO, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank
  • Kishore AK, CTO, Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL)
  • Rajat Mathur, Partner, BCG India – Moderator
06:20 – 06:40 Networking Tea Break
06:40 – 07:10 Multi & Hybrid Cloud: Is vendor-lock that much of a concern?

The advantages of hybrid and multi-cloud configurations are well publicised; they include diversified spend and skills, enhanced risk management, agility, and the ability to cherry pick features and capabilities from different cloud service providers, avoiding vendor lock-in.

Key pointers of discussion:

  • How much of a concern is vendor lock-in and does it hinder your ability to optimise and innovate?
  • The time, effort and cost of switching.
  • Can you really know the ins and outs of all the different platforms, how they work, interconnect and crucially how they break?


  • Saurabh Gupta, CTO, FroGo Frozen Foods
  • Deepak Gangadharan, CTO, India1 Payments
  • Dharmesh Parekh, CIO, Protean eGov Technologies
  • Satyan Pathak, CIO & Head of Operations, Societe Generale Global Solution Centre
  • Nikhil Vaidya, CTO, BeepKart
  • Dhanashree Dalal, Executive Director, Deloitte IndiaModerator
07:10 – 07:25 Technical and Financial Advantages with Denodo Data Virtualization @ Disruption in data management

  • Vijay Krishna, Principal Technical Partner Manager, Denodo India
07:25 – 07:40 Innovating with Cloud: The Fusion of Data, Applications, & Infrastructure

  • Suyog Shetty, CEO, Niveus Solutions
07:40 – 08:10 Navigating the Cloud Native Security Landscape

The expanding number of platforms and technologies that compete with one another and overlap in the cloud native market makes it simple to feel overwhelmed. The distinguished panellists in this session will talk about important trends in cloud adoption and risk. Decisions made strategically and tactically amid sudden cloud expansions that succeeded [or failed].

Key pointers of discussion:

  • Security landscape of a cloud native system
  • Cloud native storage
  • Security and compliance


  • Himanshu Kumar Das, CISO, Cred
  • Agnidipta Sarkar, Group CISO, Biocon
  • Jacxine Fernandez, VP, Information Security & ICT Governance, Bangalore International Airport
  • Suma Shamanna, CISO, Democrats Abroad
  • Benoy Chandrashekaran, Vice President & Business Unit Head – ICT Practice, MENASA Region, Frost & Sullivan – Moderator
08:10 – 08:35 Networking & Experience Zone
08:35 – 08:45 Intro of ET Tech Leaders Choice Awards, Think-Teal

  • Apalak Ghosh, Founder and Chief Analyst, Think Teal
08:45 – 09:30 Felicitation – Tech Leaders’ Choice Awards
09:30 Onwards Networking Dinner & Cocktails