Priya Gangwani

Chief Information Security Officer, Fractal AI

Priya Gangwani, the CISO at Fractal Analytics, is a dynamic leader with a strong passion for security and technology. With her extensive experience of over 17 years, including 13 years in IT security, Priya has implemented innovative solutions to protect sensitive data and mitigate cyber risks. Her deep understanding of the interconnectedness among businesses and people has enabled her to create meaningful partnerships and collaborations, resulting in enhanced customer experiences and delivering value to business.

Priya is always enthusiastic to stay abreast of the latest technology and thoroughly enjoys exploring how it can evolve and enrich our lives. She is a keen advocate of using technology to both protect and serve our needs. Priya finds joy in teaching and mentoring her teams, and has been an inspiring spokesperson on multiple ‘women and technology’ platforms. She follows the mantra of acting on the inspiration when it strikes.