About DataCon Dubai

A Strong Vision Of Technology Innovation

After successfully revolutionizing data, The Economic Times has themed the inaugural edition of the DataCon Summit, Dubai, to be held on 8 September 2022 as “A strong vision of technology innovation” It will focus on innovative and futuristic technology.

Businesses have been negotiating the difficult times that originally paralyzed practically all industries. Data came to our rescue, shattering all barriers and supporting us in overcoming challenges and transforming them into new opportunities.

Dubai is the epicenter of innovation, and with the massive amount of high-quality data available there, it has successfully established itself as a future city. The UAE has been modernizing its cities’ infrastructure by investing heavily in smart city projects. It has established a clear goal of being the world leader in artificial intelligence by 2031.

It gets even better as technologies like metaverse, AI, immersive virtual offices, and human incarnation with AI propel USE to new heights. While the UAE leads the globe in technology, there is a critical need for indispensable talent to push this technology forward and mitigate any cybersecurity threats, as well as understanding how to implement cutting-edge technology into business processes.

The summit will largely cover how data is enabling AI to grow in Dubai and the innovations that the city is brimming with in this technologically sophisticated era through an eclectic mix of panel discussions, keynotes, fire-side chats, and case studies. It will also aid in the provision of answers and solutions to the industry’s outstanding difficulties caused by the existing normal.

Join the Economic Times DataCon Summit – Dubai 2022, A strong vision of technology innovation! The summit will help you discover what’s next for Data and analytics!