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Founder & CEO
Mr. Prateek Bhargava

Company Profile (300 words)
Mindler is a comprehensive career guidance platform which aims to revolutionize the unorganised career counselling sector & make scientific career guidance accessible to millions of students. Conceptualised and run by alumni of Harvard, ISB, IIT, IIM and preeminent psychometricians, Mindler has over 200 institutional partners across India & Middle East. Headquartered in New Delhi with offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata & Dubai; Mindler has impacted over 150,000 students and trained & certified over 1000 career coaches.

With a unique and scalable model to address the unorganized career counselling sector, Mindler works on both the demand and supply side of the career guidance problem through its revolutionary products which include:

  • Mindler’s SAAS Platform for Institutions/ Career Coaches
    The platform automates the process of career guidance for career experts & help educators add effectiveness while creating a comprehensive career guidance ecosystem in their institution
  • Mindler’s Career Platform for Students
    The platform aids career discovery, mapping & planning for students through state of the art career guidance tools including career assessments, college planners, entrance exam trackers, virtual internships, profile building, resume building, personalized mentoring, alumni tracking & scholarship discovery
  • Mindler’s International Certified Career Coach (ICCC) Program
    The ICCC program is a multi-level global credentialing programs for educators; jointly delivered along with world’s leading career coach credentialing bodies – NCDA (USA) and CDA (USA)

Mindler has been awarded and recognised by Ministry of Science & Technology – Govt. of India, Minister of State – UAE Govt., National Career Development Association (USA), Asia Pacific Career Development Association, Economic Times and CIIE at IIM-Ahmedabad.

Long term value of choosing the right career path for a student is priceless! Students & the involved stakeholders making this investment to take well informed career decisions, basis scientific mapping and analysis; ensures that the students enhance the probability of success in their chosen career paths. Student happiness and time saved in pursuing career paths not in sync with a student strengths & talents are two huge intangible benefits of this investment.

Contact Person
Mr. Vansh Nathani (Director, Business Growth)

Contact Number
+91-97114-00127 / +91-87449-87449

Postal Address
Road 35, Building 21, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi – 110026