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Industry Pulse

Supply chain management: How technology is changing the status quo

The past 18 months have been something of a revelation. They have exposed the fault lines that have existed in global supply chains and even specific supply chains for a business.  For many, the drastic..

Agility and transparency: the new supply chain imperatives

When the scourge of COVID-19 started, China was the first to get severely impacted and given its role as the world’s factory, the ripples in the global supply chain were felt far and wide. This only complicated further, as the pandemic..

Agile SCM Systems: Key to a digitally enabled future

Supply Chain Management is a complex function, presently at the convergence of technology-led interventions and surging consumer demands. Organizations have realized the need..

Sustainable procurement policies and practices to lead decarbonisation of Cement Sector in India

While Concrete is the most used man-made material on earth, it is also a low cost, high carbon emitting material. Historically cement has been made from limestone ore and a substantial amount of carbon..

Agility in our supply chains and collaborative Private-Partnership engagements: the new norm?

The importance and relevance of public-private collaborations have certainly been tested by COVID-19. Policy-makers have a key role to play in anticipating and absorbing these abnormal crises and should reflect..

Prudent ways to cut supply chain costs during the crisis: an industry view

In a survey conducted across 500+ senior business leaders, 62% of respondents opined that increasing supply chain velocity and a reduction in wastage are the most prudent ways to cut costs in the current times of crisis.

Taking a Leap of Faith – Industries Adopt Digital SCM to Catalyse Operations

It is been over a year since COVID-19 first hit the world, disrupting lives, livelihood, and economies. Since the very beginning, the pandemic hasn’t stopped surprising the world with its myriad of challenges.

Logistics Sector – Delivering the change in e-commerce

Product-based eCommerce started gaining momentum in India about five years ago largely driven by demand from metros cities. With an already established supply chain network in place, it was faster and easier to deliver..

Industry 4.0 – Time for Manufacturers to Reboot

As industries undergo a system shock like never before, manufacturers need to regroup, refocus, and reboot their efforts in light of our changing reality. Bino George, Head of Business Consulting, Infor India, shares..

Gearing up supply chains post-Covid

How has Coronavirus impacted your business and business models? Ivalua’s spend management platform is used by procurement, supply chain, and finance leaders at large organizations to effectively manage their spend and suppliers.

Impact of black swan events on supply chains

Black swan events like Covid-19 create unprecedented challenges for the supply chains across industries. The impact of the current pandemic has been substantial both in terms of scale and speed. Some of the disruptions have been around..

Building a sustainable logistics industry, one trip at a time

The Indian logistics industry transports over 4.6 billion tonnes of goods every year, amounting to an annual cost of INR 9.5 lakh crore. Land vehicles predominantly transport most goods across the country..

Business talks: How India Inc. is ensuring agility and continuity

Covid-19 led global lockdown has disrupted business in all sectors. We are a business that services other enterprises, thus, we have our priorities as a business.

Glimpse of dynamic women across verticals in the supply chain industry

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me,” American novelist Ayn Rand’s renowned remarks still resound in the halls of successful women..

How Asia Can Strengthen Supply Chains and Avert Future Shocks to Global Trade

The COVID-19 pandemic has provided hard-earned lessons about global supply chains, as disruptions led to shortages of critical goods from medical supplies to food.

Looking Ahead: Infor’s Top 3 Supply Chain Predictions for 2022

Improving overall supply chain performance from planning to execution gives businesses complete control over product and material flows across the global network.

3D Printing: A game changer for digitized supply chains

Imagine living in a world, where any object your imagination conceives can be turned into a reality through a 3D printer from the comfort of your home.  This is no longer a staple of science fiction..

The semiconductor supply chain narrative is set to change in 2022

A technological utopia is no longer merely the staple of science fiction. We have come to live in a world where the singularity is now real. AI and technology-powered advances are changing life..

Indian Supply Chain Sector Pivots for Profitability

Across the world and in India, companies are reinventing crisis management mechanisms and remodeling supply chains. As per the Institute for Supply Chain Management, 39% of companies have faced..

Diversification of supply chains would be crucial for more resilience

As the country went under complete lockdown in March, people didn’t expect the impact of COVID-19 to be so devasting on the economy. The virus shuttered many businesses and forced organizations.