*This is a tentative agenda and subject to change.

09:30 – 09:55


10:00 – 10:05

Welcome remarks

10:05 – 10:20

Chief Guest Address: National Logistics Policy: Improving India’s trade competitiveness

10:20 – 10:35

Special address: Is inflation the new pandemic? Addressing the new supply chain pain-point

10:35 – 11:05

Fireside Chat: Vision 2023: Leaping over roadblocks with mindful resilience

The supply chain is continually at danger of disruption in a world that is becoming more volatile and unpredictably organised. You have no control over the weather, political outcomes, or the consequences of a pandemic that has never been seen before, but you do have influence over how your supply chain responds to these challenges.

Points of discussion:

  • Modifying and modernising existing procedures and techniques
  • Balancing resilience and efficiency to secure networks
  • More focus on inventory and capacity buffers

11:05 – 11:15

Partner presentation

11:15 – 12:00

Panel discussion: Conceptualization of digital transformation: Driving growth, mitigating risk, and optimizing costs


Technology as a Game Changer: Driving growth, mitigating risk, and optimizing costs


The success of the future supply chain depends on the effective integration of technology, due to which many businesses are digitizing their business processes. The top technologies that supply chains are using to improve process efficiency and transparency include artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, and digital twins.

Points of discussion:

  • Reducing errors with tech-enabled demand forecasting
  • Ensuring fast delivery with advancements in AI, robotics and more
  • Higher order accuracy rates
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Optimizing shipping strategy to save costs and meet customer expectations
  • Drone deliveries
  • Last mile delivery solutions

12:00 – 12:20

Networking break

12:20 – 13:00

Flash presentation: Truck, ship, train and plane: Propelling India’s growth story


The main responsibility of logistics is finding the best mode for specific shipment. Each one has different aspects in terms of volume, speed, and cost. To build an effective supply chain, it is important to understand each mode. This session will aim at bringing experts from four main modes of transportation – Roadways, Railways and Waterways – who will present their different viewpoints.

Roadways: Gati Shakti – Master plan for multi-modal connectivity

Waterways: Sagarmala project – Rejuvenating sea ports for economic development

Railways: Railway Logistics Project – Modernising rail freight and logistics infrastructure

Airways: Regional Connectivity Scheme – Boosting air freight  

13:00 – 13:15

Standalone address: Future-focused mindset: India emerging as the global manufacturing hub

13:15 – 14:00

Lunch break

14:00 –14:30

Table-Top Discussions: Traditional Networking Beyond Passwords


This session is a great opportunity to connect with your peers, learn & grow with leaders and practitioners of Supply Chain in India and beyond the boundaries. Learn while you play how new age practices can become a value creator, enabler and competitive advantage for the enterprise. Through this unconferencing session we will try to understand how to achieve excellence in our day to day operations through alignment, empowering partnerships, talent management and digitization through external innovation and operational excellence.

14:30 – 14:40

Partner presentation

14:40 – 15:00

Spotlight session: Country focused

15:00 – 15:45

Panel discussion: Sustainability

15:45 – 16:05

Networking break

16:05 – 16:20

Chief guest address

16:20 – 17:00

Award ceremony

17:00 –17:15

Closing address:


Close of conference

*This is a tentative agenda and subject to change.