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Global Digital League

September 15

Last year, the first week of December saw The Economic Times host India’s largest digital league under the theme of – Bracing for an unbeatable Future – with the idea of helping participating organisations chart their future roadmap. The Summit was aimed at helping businesses galvanize and prepare for the future.

Being a high performer and giving a great performance is NEVER ever pure luck. To perform in the best way possible, you need to focus. A lot, to say the least. And it takes a lot of heart or intention and determination to do the best you can. You got to want it.

These lines which are popular among the athletes and sportspeople seem to hold ring more significance for businesses today as they grapple with the resultant economic despondency due to the pandemic and at the same time look to become intrinsically more resilient to future shocks by adopting new technologies while responding to changing customer behaviour and expanding to market segments.


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