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Accelerate Testing and development with Virtual Data Copies

Are time consuming cloning processes, storage-intensive difficulties and delay in releasing applications faster—hurdles for you?

Organizational leaders need to release higher quality software more rapidly and more often to improve customer satisfaction and competitiveness. This requires thorough testing using production-like test data.
Today, many organisations lack enough resources to meet that demand. Costly storage, compute resources, time to manage them and licenses required to maintain multiple copies of production databases, are creating a lot of problems for organisations.

The need of the hour is a system that virtualizes production system data and test master data, delivering almost-instant, nondisruptive access to full or subset volumes of data for application test and development.

In such a scenario, a Virtual Data Pipeline keeps development data current, provision rapidly, and enable self-service and automation in a storage-capacity-efficient manner.


Jun 05 2020


11:30 am - 12:30 pm