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Agility in Action: A CX Perspective

In today’s fast space and every changing work ecosystem business agility is always seen as the main driver for digital transformation. The COVID -19 pandemic has been a true witness to digital transformation and agility being the key enablers to staying on top of your game despite of the remote working. However, as a professional responsible for Customer Experience in your organization what does business agility mean to you? And how can you deliver your agile ambitions?

If we put agility and cx together the simple translation would be that agility is a catalyst for using digital channels to serve existing customers and acquiring new ones. This sound extremely simply but how do we do this? How can we move about with the transition? Hence, this round table discussion on Agility in Action: A CX perspective talks about latest trends and best practices, working building the right team and a road map to setting the tone right for CX in your organization.


Oct 12 2021


11:00 am - 12:00 pm


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