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Amplifying your Company’s Brand with Customer Service – Series 3

Personalization and technology go hand in hand! Although we are relying on technology in every element of our lives to propel us ahead, we cannot ignore the marketing components of our businesses. Personalization of services based on the needs of the consumer is also critical.

While organisations in the same industry compete, the focus of these enterprises should be on providing the greatest client experience. Although businesses all around the world have already hopped on board, you can’t afford to fall behind by failing to fulfill client expectations. This entails minimising redundancy in your end-to-end client experience, using current technologies like AI and Machine Learning, being more personalised, and being more adaptable. With all of this in place, you can outperform your competition, build client loyalty, and increase profitability!

Join The Economic Times Virtual Round Table discussion on the theme Amplifying your Company’s Brand with Customer Service, to hear from industry experts on how customer expectations are shifting, variables impacting customer experiences, and how organisations can assure success by leveraging a powerful approach, emerging tools, and technology to shape the future of customer experience.


Mar 23 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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