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Analysis of the Union Budget 2021

The Government of India has been quick to react with targeted measures to arrest the fall of India’s GDP growth which is the worst in 4 decades. The after effect of this are already being felt on lives, livelihood and growth.

While it is expected for the Finance Minister to unravel a pragmatic budget, one should expect a policy plan that will promote growth drivers, ease distress, bolster livelihoods and encourage create a resurgent India that is both inclusive and self-sustaining. The need for fiscal support to lift the economy is paramount and a clear roadmap has to be put in place to fast-track existing projects that can kick-start a virtuous cycle of revenue, job-creation and investments.

Keeping this in mind, this webinar will deliberate on the Union Budget with regards to tax impact/changes and how they fare for the economy. Industry leaders will share their views on the current budget, their expectations and how they feel India could reel out from the crisis that came about due to the pandemic and emerge as an engine for global economic growth.


Feb 05 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm