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Are you Cloud Ready? Data Agility Solved

Today’s cloud providers do an amazing job in helping organizational data and workloads to stay persistent and usable. However, with this the organizations generate a large amount of data irrespective of their Cloud infrastructure. Therefore, it becomes necessity to have a data management service which provides streamline work with the control and flexibility to meet their changing business requirements.

Organizations who need fast cloud data backup need a professional solution that also includes reliable, flexible data recovery. It’s tempting to look at native cloud tools that seem inexpensive or free but be aware of the limitations of cloud vendor backup tools. Clearly compare the expectations and results of native cloud tools versus enterprise-grade data protection.

With Commvault, backing up to one cloud or backup across multiple clouds has never been easier or more streamlined. Complete cloud data management can be controlled from just a single interface.

Join the ET Unwired session on Are you Cloud Ready? Data Agility Solved powered by Commvault to simplify your cloud storage strategy with Metallic Cloud Storage Service for Commvault. This fully integrated cloud storage target lets you execute a hybrid cloud strategy, without becoming a cloud expert.


Mar 04 2021


2:30 pm - 3:30 pm