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Asset management & lifecycle improvement

With more than 70,000 positive cases for COVID 19 and more than a month of lockdown has deeply impacted everybody’s personal and professional lives. These are crucial moments for us as the economy of the country is at risk. This has deeply affected the manufacturing segment, plants have been shut down, production of non-essential items have been halted. This has created a cascading effect for all stake holders, organizations are evaluating their policies and new strategies are being implemented in order to create revenue.

How companies can work remotely, without having any difficulties. Who can ensure a smooth running of the plants and informs the issues before it even happens? These with some other questions which are being asked today and only solution to these questions are industry 4.0 technologies. Artificial intelligence and IOTs, robotics, automation, predictive maintenance is some of the technologies which can be useful under these circumstances.

All these technologies are directly or indirectly linked to asset management, which is an integral part of an organization. It is linked to the profitability & revenue generation, which means its management and maintenance plays an important role.


Jun 18 2020


11:00 am - 1:00 pm