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Be Cloud ready: What is Everyone Doing for Cloud Data Protection?

You’ve got a lot riding on your cloud strategy. Applications, databases, files, hypervisors – the resources that run your organization. But have you thought of a right cloud data protection mechanism?

Public, private, multi, hybrid—today’s environments open a world of possibilities to help your business become more agile, flexible and responsive. But at the same time, one should be considerate about elements that put your organization at risk.

The transformed infrastructure that helps your business scale, pivot and innovate at lightning speed also make it harder and harder to protect data.

Therefore, the need arises to be ready with cloud data protection strategies. No matter where you migrate, store and use your data, you need to have smart and thoughtful ways to manage backups, rapid recovery, search and availability of the workloads in the multi-cloud environments.

Join The Economic Times Live Webinar, Cloud Ready: What is Everyone Doing for Cloud Data Protection? powered by Commvault to go deep on cloud data protection, including what it needs to look like today, how to get there from here, and how to address key use cases like IT modernization and multi-cloud management,  migration and disaster recovery.


Jun 04 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm