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Best Healthcare Brands 2023

Guided by the principle of Service before self, the healthcare sector is playing a critical role in maintaining the wellbeing of all the citizens of our country.

India’s healthcare sector- a leading sector in terms of services rendered, revenue and employment generation, is admired globally for its innovative approach to patient care, affordable services and accessibility till the last mile. The public and private sector both play an important role in enhancing the reach of critical care to all sections of society.

Traditionally the health sector is classified into two categories- public and private, where the public sector is known for its affordability and mass reach while the private sector focuses on personalised care and advanced treatments, but in the recent years there has also been the emergence of a joint effort by the Public and private sector to provide the best of both worlds in ensuring preventive and patient care, a fact greatly displayed during the pandemic.


Jun 29 2023


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