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BFSI: Connected Customer Experience

“The Future of BFSI is connected”. Over the past couple of years, we have witnessed that BFSI sector has changed its traditional way of functioning. This is the fact that banking and financial institutions have adopted the modern and agile advanced technology to address the challenges and meeting their customer’s expectations seamlessly.

According to PWC report, 80% of traditional banks and financial firms will disappear soon that haven’t accepted the modern way of functioning through technology. To remain ahead in the race of delivering a better and connected customer experience this competitive era whether it is “Online” or “Retail”, banking and financial institutions need to be digitally transformed and must take strategic approaches to meet the demands of the customers.

Meeting the customers expectations could be a bit challenging as every single customer expects the personalized experiences as part of customer journey. Is digital transformation or digitally equipped with AI, ML, Cloud Network or Blockchain enough to meet ever-changing customer expectations. What could be the right blueprint which banks and financial institutions can have?

The exclusive round table with the theme: BFSI: Connected Customer Experience will witness discussions around how banks & financial institutions can win the competitive race to stay ahead in delivering the cutting edge connected customer experience.


May 27 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


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