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Bold Solutions: Sustainable material and green Infrastructure

Sustainable infrastructure which includes equipment’s and systems that are designed to meet the population’s essential service needs — like roads, bridges, communications network, hydroelectric power stations, etc. — based on all-round sustainable principles, is a must in the fight against climate change. This means the infrastructure is environmentally friendly from end to end, and that includes economic, financial, social and institutional factors. Physical infrastructure provides the foundation for human society and economic activity and represents the greatest use of raw and processed materials by weight. Source: IDB,

It is seen that replacing old urban infrastructure for new modern and sustainable elements will make cities more inhabitable and inclusive. The investments are crucial not only to renew old equipment in developed countries and bring them in sync with the fight against climate change, but also to bolster green economic growth in emerging markets and developing countries. This would require a multi-trillion-dollar investment worldwide over the next decade. But if we do things right, it would also see us on the road to economic growth.


Nov 24 2021


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