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Business Continuity with Optimized Data Management

Are you ready for Data Driven future post Covid 19 era?

In today’s world organizations have choices of Public, Private, Multi and hybrid environment to manage their data. On one side it gives lot of opportunities to businesses to become more agile, flexible and responsive however on the other side it opens lot of challenges on the complex data management front as the traditional tools are not anymore in the play.

An integrated Data Management solution needs an agile, fast and reliable data backup and protection suite. The traditional  solutions are no more pertinent to current needs due to various reasons such as lack of automation that slows response times, an inability to scale cost-effectively, a lack of support for today’s modern cloud environments, or an inability to meet governance regulations like GDPR, yesterday’s solutions are not addressing today’s backup needs.

Data Backup and protection expectations continue to expand with the exponential growth of data and managed applications. Along with this, end-user expectations for recovery & protection are only increasing while cloud-first initiatives must be supported and adhere to complex governance and compliance laws.

Despite various challenges and expectations, an integrated should be able to help organizations mitigate these risks. Businesses need to conduct backup, recovery, and archiving activities, enable operational reporting, and perform hardware snapshot management, all in one complete solution.


Jul 09 2020


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