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Business Transformation Summit

His words probably make more sense to all businesses and business leaders today, especially because humankind is going through a cataclysmic event that is reshaping the ways of life as we know it.

Strategic planning and execution are critical to a company’s success as they help in improving the overall results, generating more revenue, anticipating market trends, and meeting the ever-changing needs of customers.

There is enough evidence that most companies have been planning or implementing modules to generate more insights from different sections of the business driven by growth opportunities, followed by increased competitive pressure and new regulatory standards.

But what do you do as a business or a leader when you are faced with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous market conditions?

The old slow-changing modules might not just be enough. This is where Connected Planning can help you. In simple terms – it is the journey of unifying business processes across your entire organisation while allowing you to accelerate business value by breaking down information silos and eliminating inefficiencies.


Apr 28 2021


9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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