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Carbon Neutral e-mobility: Way to Zero plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has reinforced the motto of ‘people, planet and profit’ with investors putting their bets on companies with high ESG scores. It has been instrumental in reinforcing the importance of ESG framework as a key approach to long-term business resilience, says the EY report ‘Can ESG help future proof your business’.

COVID has ensured there is greater focus on ESG – US data shows a record $27.7 billion flew into ESG ETFs in 2020, more than three times the previous year. Globally, trillions are flowing into sustainable funds, with ESG funds surpassing $1 trillion in assets, in 2020

Countries across the world have displayed strong leadership in the growing worldwide environmental movement. A successful transition to a sustainable future will depend on international collaboration and transformations across multiple sectors. A series of efforts have been taken by the Indian Government, one of which requires spend of 2% of average net profits by India Inc. (certain eligible companies) towards corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in eligible areas.

Talking about Mobility industry, it is understood that future of mobility should be free of emissions. It requires a holistic approach to decarbonization: from production through service life to recycling. E-mobility already enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions in road traffic. According to a new study, electric cars could become carbon neutral by 2050 – but if zero carbon mobility is ever to become reality, policy makers need to make a few key important changes.


Dec 02 2021


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