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CFO Strategy Summit

CFOs are no longer archaeologists, making business judgments based on historical facts. Instead of looking in the rearview mirror, real-time analysis, predictive modelling, and forecasting enable firms to see around corners.

Evolving market dynamics have resulted in a change in leadership paradigms, as well as the ability to adapt.  There is some unpredictability associated with taxation, new reforms, policy and technological advancement. India has recently witnessed a wave of reforms — some were long-pending, some out of necessity, and some in response to the black swan event of the pandemic. Bold choices to transform the financial function can improve resilience and drive a faster recovery.

There is nobody better than CFOs to bring structure to a complex process and ensure long-term financial success in organisations. The role of a Chief Financial Officer has never been easy and current realities are testing capabilities. As the world constantly evolves, embracing globalization and technology as a competitive necessity is imperative. As the financial industry undergoes its own digital revolution, businesses must ensure that they have the proper personnel and technology to drive success and support their teams as well as the larger organisation.


Dec 06 2022


9:30 am - 6:10 pm


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