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Cloud Innovation Summit

Today, the cloud underpins most new technological disruptions, including composable business, and has proven itself during times of uncertainty with its resiliency, scalability, flexibility, and speed. Hybrid, multi-cloud, and edge environments are growing and setting the stage for new distributed cloud models. In addition, new wireless communications advances, such as 5G R16 and R17, will push cloud adoption to a new level of broader, deeper, and ubiquitous usage. Use cases such as enhanced mobile banking experiences and healthcare transformation will also emerge.

Many organizations are doubling down on cloud technologies to support business continuity, remote workforce management, proactive cybersecurity, and proactive governance because the pandemic has illustrated the need to be prepared for future business disruption. Nearly all legacy applications will be migrated to the public cloud by 2024, and analysts expect the cloud-based conferencing market to grow to over US$6.3 billion by 2024 (from US$5 billion in 2020) to support the remote work trend – Deloitte


Mar 15 2023


2:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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Four Seasons, Bengaluru


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