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CX Summit 2022

After a successful inaugural edition in 2020 and a continuation in 2021 of the previous summits, the CX Summit 2022 broadens horizons and opens-up challenges as India moves into a new era.

The focus of this year’s Summit will be on how the Indian Subcontinent’s domestic and international businesses have transformed consumer experiences and brand management as we know it. In order to create better products, services, and experiences, the new age of business harnesses emerging and digital technologies. The 24/7 Digital Customer and customer experience are still at the top of corporate leaders’ agendas. With this edition, we hope to provide useful information on brand differentiating strategies, digitalised solutions for better and personalised customer experience, reskilling and upskilling workforces, following the customer-firs approach, increasing loyal customer base, among other trending topics.

We look forward to formal training sessions and seminars that will provide the world with the knowledge they need to revamp CX IN 2022.  This summit will look at the latest breakthroughs in this field as well as the roadblocks that may arise during the implementation of forward-thinking concepts. This is one of the industry’s most sought-after summits, with lively conversations and interactive sessions emphasising answers to some of the most practical difficulties on current subjects and more.

This event will provide a forum for industry professionals and technology executives to share best practices and lessons learned in developing, deploying, and managing emerging technological capabilities.


Sep 29 2022


9:00 am - 4:30 pm


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Hotel Sahara Star


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