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Data Governance in the Age of AI

Welcome to the Data World!

A world, where nearly 15 petabytes-15 million gigabytes-of data are created every day from a variety of sources. Thanks to this data deluge which is pushing more and more organizations to architect their data governance plan.  All organizations need to have rock-solid strategies to collect, manage, handle and secure data.

According to the 2019 State of Data Management, data governance was one of the top five strategic initiatives for global organizations in 2019. Since technology trends such as Machine Learning and AI rely on data quality, and with the push of digital transformation initiatives across the globe, this trend is likely not going to change any time soon.

According to research, Data scientists spend 80% of their time on Data wrangling / Data Preparation and only 20% on building AI models. And enterprises won’t get the full benefit of AI without a Solid Data model and having the data that they need to leverage it. Data Management and associated Data Governance is foundational to getting the benefit of Analytics and AI. You need to focus on defining what your master data is, systems of record, who owns the data and then get a governance model in place.

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May 05 2020


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