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Data Warehouses to Dashboards

Data is the new oil even though cliché is yes, a very important resource on the face of the earth. A very safe prediction that one can make is that data is and will continue eating the world. As the data driven AI systems replace rule driven approaches, they also make hard acquired knowledgebases and traditional technology infrastructures irrelevant in the process. This gives an opportunity to the David’s of the modern world to disrupt the market with data driven innovations and challenge the Goliaths.

Join top CIOs from BFSI, Manufacturing, Healthcare, & Retail industries for an exclusive roundtable discussion, exchanging opinions, experiences and knowledge on their journey from implementing analytical data warehouses, simplifying reporting with dashboards, and enabling businesses to make transformative decisions. Learn how your peers from other industries are transforming their business with real-time data & analytics.


Feb 10 2022


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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