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Designing Cloud Strategies for Business Growth

In these unprecedented times, organizations are increasingly facing unforeseen disruption across every function.  Today, business continuity, cost control, flexibility, security–stand critical for every organization. In such a scenario, digital technologies have proved to be the saving grace and are helping businesses to be on the growth track.

Amongst digital technologies, public cloud is offering a great option to drive an organization’s core needs and it is the technology for transforming where IT delivers business value to users. According to Right Scale’s Annual State of the Cloud Report for 2019, 91% of businesses used public cloud and 72% used a private one.

Businesses are shifting to the cloud, recognizing the impact it offers on performance, agility and access.  By harnessing the power of cloud, they can jump-start growth, speed time to market, and foster innovation. Yet many companies struggle to utilize the cloud effectively due to legacy applications, security, and cost. In addition, optimizing workloads, siloed data are some other concerns. Overcoming these obstacles and moving to the cloud can allow companies to better manage data and analytics.


Aug 27 2020


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