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Drive Ecological & Economic Sustainability with IOT Connected Ecosystems

Historically, technology has evolved for the progress of humankind. However, due to the industrial revolutions, the world today is combating various hazardous issues such as CO2 emissions, severe air/water pollution, climate change that has compelled the businesses to seriously focus on the sustainable operations.

The pandemic-induced global economic crisis and the increasing concern for sustainability is driving companies in the energy industries like for oil and gas and others by adopting new processes for their operational excellence.

By making the operation more reliable and efficient, companies in the industrial domain can achieve improved productivity with the same set of assets with higher throughput. This can be achieved by reducing the downtime (unscheduled) and by improving the quality of the output.

To achieve the same level of efficiency, with the consideration for sustainable operations, energy companies have started to fast track projects that would help them to transform their existing operations quicker using digital technologies.

Newer IT constructs such as cyber-physical systems, digital twins, edge computing, secured-integrated IT infrastructure, and superior AI and big data technologies are playing a vital role in making sustainable operations a reality.


Sep 29 2020


11:30 pm - 11:30 pm