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Driving Business Value of Storage

With data growing exponentially, enterprises handle massive amounts of business-critical data. They require storage systems that are highly scalable, offer unlimited connectivity & support multiple platforms. There are multiple approaches to data storage to choose from, including SANs, NAS, DAS and cloud storage. Newer approaches and technologies that are currently disrupting the market include hyperconverged storage and flash technologies such as NVMe. This trend stems from the increased amount of horizontal scalability and reduced latency these methods offer. Storage for containers is also becoming a stronger selling point, as well as enterprise storage based on composable and disaggregated infrastructure concepts, which combine individual resources at the hardware level and then assemble them at the software level by using APIs.

In the era of digital transformation, organizations of all sizes are challenged to meet higher performance, agility, availability, and scalability requirements while staying within strict budgetary constraints. Adapting to the demands of digital transformation is not a choice anymore, at least for the organizations moving towards data-centric business models. To best support the business on its digital transformation journey, IT must be able to respond faster to take advantage of changing market conditions and new business opportunities and enabling:

  • increasing use of big data and analytics (real-time and otherwise)
  • more personalized interaction with customers
  • around-the-clock operations
  • better use of innovation to drive competitive differentiation.


Apr 19 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


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