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Engines of Human Progress (high-level conversations on the impact of technology on human developments)

Over the decades, innovation and technology has massively transformed mankind and the society has gone through a massive digital transformation from pre industrial state to now, a post-industrial world. The 21st century has completely changed the canvas of how we live our lives. The rapid pace of technology has forced us to rewire conditioned ways of strategizing business roadmaps.

With this rapid change in the world, businesses need to be agile and continue to upskill themselves to ensure they are not left behind in the digital era. Organizations are finding that traditional IT architectures are restricting their ability to provide the agility, flexibility and scalability that business require to work at their full potential. Legacy architectures with their separate silos of compute, storage and management are complex and time consuming to manage. They are looking for end-to-end IT solutions that offer flexibility, improved scalability and stronger security.

We are addressing these key challenges at The Economic Times Digital Roundtable, Engines of Human Progress, powered by SISL and Dell Technologies, to discover a whole new digital world of possibilities. The sessions will unfold what the future holds and map solutions that can help organizations reshape their businesses to take advantage of these changes and not fall foul to digital disruption.

In this session, you will discover how to deliver staggering results and be more productive. Explore the new digital possibilities with the right software, data, analytics, and security, among others. Also, get to know about affordable, effective and tailor-made IT solutions and software licensing services.


Sep 28 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm