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Experience a New Paradigm in Customer Service

Customers today have higher expectations from customer support. So much that they will churn and never come back after 1 bad customer support experience. We are seeing a massive increase in # of tickets being raised by customers across all channels. This increase is significantly outpacing business growth leading to increased costs & lower NPS. While many companies have deployed chatbot to manage the increase volume of tickets, the deflection and resolution rates continue to be low.

To improve the customer experience, it is first necessary to understand the customer’s perception of the brand and to collect, analyse and implement the feedback of the customers. Agents are likely to be the first person-centred point of contact for customers. Even if a sale is made online, clients may require assistance.

Agents are now working remotely and with great resignation, we are seeing almost 100% annual churn in many contact centres. With an average organization today spending 4-6 months to train an agent, we have to rethink how we empower the agents to deliver first contact resolution with minimal training.


Aug 10 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


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