Global Digital Innovation Summit and awards

Digital leadership has helped enterprises adapt to the big reset. We saw companies moving out from a reactive state in 2020, and willing to innovate and disrupt themselves — to go all-in on digital — in order to rebound and look for growth. While the pandemic has imposed a new normal on work practices, the tech world is attempting business as usual, with practitioners trying to harness the latest advances and find new ways to drive business innovation.

Organizations today, need to adapt quickly to keep up with a more connected, data-driven world. New business models increasingly rely on IT to drive successful outcomes. Digital transformation — with infrastructure automation at its core — is the key to increasing IT efficiency. Modernizing technologies and streamlining processes makes IT more agile, enabling quick deployment and repurposing of resources to better support rapidly shifting business priorities.


Sep 23 - 24 2021


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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