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Intelligent Automation In Epidemic Containment Efforts

An invisible enemy (COVID-19) is standing against us, compelling us to leverage technology and ward off any possible attacks.

With the outbreak of COVID-19, containment efforts, like contact tracing, has emerged to be of utmost importance. It helps to isolate suspect and confirm cases, and to avoid or reduce community transmission.

Contact tracing is vital for public health as it helps to make early diagnosis and contain epidemics. However, the challenge lies in deriving value out of a mammoth amount of data. Accurate data means more smarter and timely decisions to mitigate COVID threats.

Contact tracing teams extensively analyze the data of confirmed cases, and conduct interviews to establish a detailed map of possible transmission across the different cases. However, crunching the large amount of data seems to be a major bottleneck. So, is automation the need of the hour?

How can automation add value to the contact tracing process and aid in the containment effort?

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May 27 2020


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