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Journey towards building Data Driven Organization

As we embark on a journey toward data-driven banks to assist us in making informed decisions, profitably serving customers, proactively managing risks, and streamlining operations, it is critical to ensure that data platform solutions are robust and available to meet a variety of information requirements.

It is about time we align business outcomes with actionable data driven insights and develop a culture of acting on data and generating insights to benefit the Bank’s many stakeholders.

This has brought cloud computing to the forefront, and businesses must now create cloud-ready/hybrid architecture in order to plan for future cloud migration. A Hybrid cloud strategy enables customers to leverage services that span different cloud platforms, enabling them to select the services best suited to the workloads or apps they are managing.

This approach provides organizations the flexibility to decide what parts of an application should reside in an existing datacenter versus in the public cloud, as such providing them with a consistent and flexible approach to developing a modernization strategy.

Join us for an interesting ET Unwired session on Journey towards building Data Driven Organization, powered by Microsoft & PwC to hear from the industry experts; who will be sharing their expertise and stories, as well as to assist one another in laying up the foundation correctly.


Mar 11 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


ET Edge