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Masterclass: Meta Leadership 2.0

We live in volatile, unpredictable times: from a global Pandemic to rapid geopolitical shifts to extreme weather Events to a ship closing the suez canal, leaders must contend With complex contingencies as never before. Yet the demands Rapid, surefooted action are also on the rise. Leaders need A new way of thinking, deciding, and taking action to meet These challenges. We call it meta-leadership.

This interactive on-line course will teach you the essential Tools and techniques of meta-leadership, a pragmatic Framework and practice method developed by the npli Over almost 20 years of engagement with crisis leaders In situations as diverse as the deepwater horizon oil spill To public health outbreaks. The three dimensions of metaleadership — the person, the situation, and connectivity — help You better understand yourself as a leader, the challenges You face, and how to bring stakeholders together to achieve Cohesive action.

The Economic Times – Leadership in Crisis Management will assist with investigating how to become familiar with the elective strategies and stay away from the significant dangers from rising.


Dec 14 - 16 2021


8:30 am - 10:30 am


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