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Path to Happiness: A Mythological Inspiration to Business Nirvana?

History has provided some great learnings over the period. We still take inspirations from our epic mythological wars and sacred texts to address our problems. But can it help in resolving our current business problems as well?

Organizations have applied various management techniques to run the business efficiently. However not many organizations have applied the mythological learnings into their businesses. The Major learnings we can extract from our epic history is leading front the front, focus of future problems more along with the present ones. Time to time history has shown us the innovating ways to overcome the some of the biggest obstacles.

Similarly, current organizations must focus on the future problems which may arise in the context of their data management. The amount of data generated today, is more than the living souls on the planet.

Keeping an eye to protect, manage, and use their most crucial asset —data, is the objective of most of the organizations. Unlocking the vast potential of data and achieving the prosperous objective is the goal of the organizations.

According to IDC, the worldwide data will grow 61% to 175 zettabytes from 33 zettabytes by 2025. Also considering we are moving towards the digital word faster than ever before; the above stats can be achieved lot earlier than the estimated time.

However, finding a Business Nirvana—with the help of a robust data management solution, can only be achieved if we get started as early as we can.


Jul 22 2020


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