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Rebooting Digital Transformation in BFSI

It’s been a long journey for BFSI Inc to understand and address their technological requirements in the past few years, however this Covid pandemic has given them new dimensions of complexities and learnings. The world is in the process of Unlocking and they are huge responsibility on Businesses to take us back to the Normal. This has put a huge pressure on BFSI sector which is the backbone of all the economies globally irrespective of their size. Considering the same challenges of BFSI sector is far more than any other sector.

BFSI vertical has an advantage of being more technologically advanced considering they have been spending a lot in the last few years on their IT requirements. During the lockdown period some of the major sectors like Manufacturing, have gone to total shutdown, at the same time BFSI kept on running with limited resources. This is one of those sectors where customer is actively involved in the day to day operations, hence the responsibility is utmost in managing customer data in the faster and secured cloud environment.

BFSI Sector has the most confidential data of customers than any other sector and at the same time it is accessed by the customers on day to day basis. They are already looking towards evolving Hybrid cloud environments to store and manage their data considering it gives them more flexibility. As most of the BFSI organizations have moved or planning to move to cloud the other important aspect is secured data management solutions. With the ransomware & cyber attackers are more active than before, a reliable and secured data management solution is need of the hour.


Aug 19 2020


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