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Resuscitating Growth Engines via Technology

In this Covid-19 engulfed world, the world is in a deep recession. The economic fallout of this unprecedented event has impacted many businesses, unemployment rate has risen, and productivity has fallen.

The questions remain—how to revive to pre-Covid crisis levels?
How to revive the growth engines?
How technology can be an enabler in getting back to pre-Covid levels. Can cloud, AI, big data play a role in accelerating growth engines?

The Economic Times Global Enterprise Technology Forum would discuss some of the steps taken by business leaders to get back to pre-Covid levels. Different strategies they are adopting to reach the pre-Covid level.

Post-Covid-19, spending has taken a backseat, and organizations are struggling in allocating right resources and budget. The event would also discuss some of the technology budgeting issues.


Sep 15 2020


10:30 pm - 11:30 pm