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Roadmap for Voluntary Carbon Markets

Post Paris agreement, many companies are pledging towards climate change by reducing their own greenhouse-gas emissions, yet many businesses are finding that they cannot fully eliminate their emissions, or even lessen them as quickly as they might like. For the companies committing to achieve net-zero emissions, which means removing as much greenhouse gas from the air as they put into it, use of carbon credits will be very important to offset emissions they can’t get rid of by other means.

India can acquire a major share of this opportunity and attract significant investment in voluntary carbon credit generation projects if the policy framework can be streamlined and a conducive operative environment can be created. Private investment flows in the carbon credit generation projects can not only help the country improve the local environment, but also put substantial money in the hands of Indian farmers, as the carbon capture opportunities in Indian agriculture are humongous.


Oct 21 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


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