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Role of GCCs in the evolution of global service delivery models

“COVID-19 required prompt responses from companies with vast global operations. Their quick cures through adopting GCC’s are now revealing themselves to be long-term assets”

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an immediate and wide-ranging impact on key sectors of the global economy. Executives had no choice except to abandon long-held assumptions and devise a fresh strategy rapidly. The bright side: what started out as a quick patch to keep the ship afloat is now teaching us how to thrive in the new normal.

The Global capability centers (GCCs), for example, come into play. To maintain productivity growth, these huge facilities concentrate personnel and infrastructure that handle back-office duties, corporate business-support functions, and contact centers, as well as IT support like, app development and maintenance, remote IT infrastructure, and help desks. GCCs are used by certain large corporations as a center of excellence for tasks such as automation, innovation, and analytics, among others.

The GCCs’ pre-crisis location-based approach had been fine-tuned for decades, but the pandemic rendered it outdated in a matter of weeks. GCC’s physical locations were closed, and firms soon transitioned to remote work. Surprisingly, many GCCs have managed to keep service levels consistent even while they adapt.

The pandemic’s impact has permanently altered how GCC Corporate leaders do their business. Some leaders claim that their companies have gone through five or even ten years of change in just a few months. Best-in-class GCCs have adapted quickly and excelled in areas such as resilience, continuity, and efficiency (see “About the Research” sidebar). However, not every GCC has been a success. Some businesses have suffered with low service levels and low staff satisfaction. Executives now have an unanticipated chance to rethink their GCC.

Economic Times Edge invites you to an exclusive round table discussion titled “Role of GCCs in the Evolution of Global Service Delivery Models,” where you will learn how important GCCs are in shaping the stability and evolution of larger conglomerates in the pre-covid and post-covid eras in order to shape a brighter future for the service industry.


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