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SAP on Azure: Unleash the power of Cloud for Intelligent Retail

In the digital age, cloud computing has become one of the most essential tools for long-term market success. Enterprise-ready cloud platforms are lowering the barriers to digital transformation and delivering the technology foundations to power a new breed of intelligent enterprise. These future leaders are perceptive, agile, and responsive in ways that have never been possible before, redefining the business of manufacturing and helping to unleash a new wave of industrial innovation.

The retail industry is in a state of constant disruption. Since the onset of e-commerce, digital transformation in the industry has accelerated, bolstered by the need to meet the expectations of the modern, empowered consumer. At the same time, the widely predicted apocalypse of brick-and-mortar retail has not materialised, in part because the tactile and personal experiences that shoppers crave cannot be replicated in a digital only world.

The intelligent retail enterprise of tomorrow will take advantage of the full potential of its data, transcending traditional silos to unlock a complete view of the customer. This data, paired with insights available from external sources beyond the four walls, will help them to know their customers so well they can predict their every purchase.


May 19 2022


11:30 am - 12:30 pm


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