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Securing Enterprise Applications using DevSecOps

DevOps has played a crucial role when it comes to an organization’s innovation and digital transformation strategies. However, of late, we have heard a lot about DevSecOps that simply connotes the significance of security in the software development life cycle. The DevSecOps approach creates a culture of “Security as Code” promoting collaboration between development engineers and the security team.

DevSecOps is all about secure application delivery. It embeds security in every aspect of software development process. It is also about trying to automate core security tasks by embedding security controls and processes early in the DevOps workflow.

However, cloud native applications have unique concerns in secure design, development, and delivery than the heritage applications of yesteryear. Although security is not a new concept, cloud native apps present a set of new challenges, brought on by new architectural styles, programming models, pipelines, and tools.

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Jun 16 2020


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