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Design X is a 2-day event that aims to bring together architects, interior designers, lighting consultants, landscape architects, and building material brands to explore the X factor in architectural products. The event will be held on 23rd and 24th June 2023 and will be divided into four sessions and a felicitation night.

The event will start with an opening ceremony, followed by 300 Jury members divided in four sessions, each attended by about 75 A-listed unique jury members from different domains of architecture and design. The four sessions will focus on all aspects of architecture, design, interior, exterior, residential and commercial products. The sessions will provide architectural, interior and building material brands with an opportunity to showcase their products and innovations through a five-minute presentation meanwhile for architects and designers to explore new possibilities and ideas for their projects.

Design X provides Architects and Designers to update themselves with latest products of the industry and at the same time get to know more about the prevailing products available in the market. The jury members will rate these products based on various parameters laid down by the knowledge partner including functionality, sustainability, aesthetics, innovation, etc

The event will culminate with a felicitation night where the participating brands will be recognized for their contributions and felicitated with “The Times of India Design X Award” for their presentation. The brands will also receive certificates that will mention their ratings based on the jury members’ evaluations.

Design X is an event that aims to promote innovation and excellence in architectural products. The event will provide a unique platform for building material brands to showcase their products and innovations, and for architects and designers to explore new ideas and possibilities for their projects. With a focus on defining the X factor in architecture products, the event promises to be an enriching experience for all the participants.

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Jun 23 - 24 2023


9:00 am - 5:00 pm


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