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Unleash the power of CDN Platform for faster & Secured Digital Experience

In the current fast changing world, every organization is looking for faster, secured and uninterrupted digital platforms for their employees and customers. Content Delivery Networks are taking centre-stage as they are a fundamental tool for creating positive digital experiences.

Today customers have choices to access the content from PC to mobile and they expect a seamless experience irrespective of the platform. However, with increased penetration of mobile phone along with the rising 4G internet adoption, consumption of content has increased many folds through the mobile devices than PC or laptops. If companies do not support all the popular device types and offer great user experiences across all channels, the digital journey may be stalled for the customers who may abandon the website, and ultimately go to competition.

As the content is accessed through various platforms and mostly through the mobile devices, there are ever increasing security threats. The digital experiences are not truly positive unless secured and uninterrupted. A powerful CDN Networks along with the integrated security layer can help the organization in disseminating a positive content experience to the customers.

Join us for an interesting session by ET Unwired powered by Tata Communications to Unleash the power of a CDN Platform for faster & Secure Digital Experience.


Jul 24 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm