While knowledge sharing is critical to ensure a business’ productivity, how can one do it securely in the BFSI space?

A hybrid work place has become the new normal. The need for digital tools to navigate and manage workplaces has been ongoing for many year, the onset of the pandemic has made this critical overnight. Organizations across the globe are realizing the importance of investing in technologies that empower their workforce to feel engaged and achieve balance irrespective of their work location. While getting a team member from training to contributing takes time, understand how to empower them for gain knowledge and collaborate at scale in the digital age.

Companies from all kinds of industries rely on our digital collaboration and knowledge management applications. Join us for this roundtable discussion focusing on ‘Knowledge Sharing for Business Productivity’ for the BFSI community to help understand how growing companies need their knowledge sharing to scale with them.


Dec 10 2021


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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