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Why do I need to backup Office 365? Are u protected without it?

Organizations needs to ensure that their data is protected and ready when you need it—that it’s recoverable, searchable and moveable. Losing your organization critical data can have serious financial implications for any business and more importantly in can leave businesses crippled for days or even weeks. There’s a lot of danger from which you need to protect your Office 365 data and content—there’s accidental deletion, user deletion, ransomware, malware, service interruptions and more.

Microsoft Office 365 applications provide short term data retention and high availability for ready use. However, for a longer run for data backup and availability the organizations need to lookout for the solutions which provides holistic support in the same.

Commvault provides one solution to this overall problem, eliminating the need for another point solution that would add complexity and cost to your already challenging IT operations. With Commvault, you’ll be ready—and your Office 365 backup will protect your data against these potential threats.

Join the Economic Times Unwired on Backup & Recovery for Office 365 Data? – One Solution Does It All, powered by Commvault to learn how one single solution can backup and recover your data irrespective of – public cloud backup, on-premises backup, hybrid cloud backup—or any other combination which your organization is using.


Feb 16 2021


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