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WHY NOW? Scaling-up the Sustainable Mandate in Your Organization

The sustainability leadership dinner session scheduled on 12th October will be a momentous high level gathering of sustainability heads and ESG leaders across industries to discuss on the need to up the ESG mandate in making sustainability a business imperative.

ESG’s individual components are linked since it is an integral part of how businesses operate. For instance, when businesses try to abide by environmental rules and more general sustainability concerns, social criteria might overlap with environmental criteria and governance. Although most of our attention is on environmental and social factors, governance cannot be hermetically divided, as every leader is aware. Indeed, mastering both the letter and the spirit of the law is necessary for effective governance. For example, preventing violations before they happen by maintaining transparency and open communication with regulators rather than submitting reports formally and letting the findings speak for themselves. On analysing ESG reporting framework, metrics such as energy emissions, waste generation, philanthropic initiatives undertaken, diversity, digital inclusion, technological integration, and ethical governance codes have become essential to ascertain penetration of sustainable values into the business processes and determine the accountability of the companies towards the planet.


Oct 19 2022


6:30 pm - 9:30 pm


ET Edge