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Yes You Can: Complex Workloads on Public cloud

In a time of unprecedented circumstances, organizations are facing unforeseen disruption across every function. Business continuity, cost control and flexibility are critical to deliver goods and services to your customers and stakeholders – requiring you to pivot business operations to best tackle new challenges, while still maintaining security and auditability in a challenging world.

While enterprise’s use of public cloud continues to evolve for most clients, regardless of their maturity or level of adoption, it also presents challenges due to changes and disruptions introduced in tools, processes, and skill sets when moving to a public cloud environment.

The IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions portfolio offers a suite of VMware-based infrastructure environments within the broader IBM Cloud, bringing to enterprises the benefits of public cloud with minimal disruption, risk, and change.

Join The Economic Times Live Webinar, Yes you can: Complex Workloads on Public Cloud, powered by IBM, to understand how IBM Cloud provides hyperscale bursting of virtual computing at a lower operational cost (153% ROI, 40% cost savings*), no data egress charges on Cloud databases, industry’s best data encryption standards and best compliance capabilities.


Apr 28 2020


11:30 am - 12:30 pm