ET Datacon Awards 2022

Data has emerged as the life blood of a modern enterprise, an unexplored source of value creation. The ET Datacon Awards 2022, in its third year, is aiming to recognize path breaking initiatives undertaken by the Indian enterprises towards becoming data centric. These initiatives are part of their journey towards exploiting data to unlock business value on account of better efficiency, higher effectiveness, novel experiences for the customers and employees, and management of ever-increasing risks.

The Economic Times and Coeus Age, the validation Partner, invites nominations from Indian enterprise that have a minimum annual revenue of Rs 50 Crore INR. There are eight categories in which they can nominate themselves.

Nominations are now closed. Join us on 9 June 2022 at The Westin, Mumbai to celebrate the excellent initiatives that are #DrivenByData. Thank you.

What is the process of nomination and selection?

The process shall unfold over the following stages –

Nomination form Hosting -> Outreach for Nominations -> Shortlisting of the Nominations that Fit the Criteria -> Finalization of the Awardees by the Jury -> Awards Distribution

What is the last date for filing the nominations?

Extended Date to send entries: 15th May 2022.

Who can participate?

Chief Information officers/ Chief Technology Officers/ Chief Digital Officers/ IT Heads/ IT Decision Makers/ Data Scientists and Data Leaders in charge of data initiatives in the public, private or joint sector, operating in India or abroad and registered by a competent authority, across Industry verticals.

How many nominations can be filed?

A person can fill one or more categories for the award. The same form has provision for nominating for all the categories.

Who can file the nominations?

The entities should file nominations themselves. No third party nominations will be entertained. Nominations should be filed by competent authority of the entity and the filing should be done online.

What is the format for the nominations?

The Form must be filled online. There is a word limit to each nomination. A form that is crisp, contains relevant data and is regarding projects LIVE before March 31, 2022 shall be appreciated.

Is there a nomination fee?

No, there is no nomination fee.

  Category Description


High Data Capable Enterprise (HDCO) Measured at an overall level – the strategic, leadership, structural, architectural, and operational readiness on Data. An HDCO ideally has developed on all these aspects. If we consider Data Capability as a journey, the HDCOs are certainly leading in the journey.


Modern Data Architecture and Infrastructure Data Architecture represents the logical arrangement of infrastructure components – the databases, storage, network, data management, data flows, new technologies and specific tools to be deployed for specific processing. Modernized and open data architecture as against the closed legacy one surely is a blueprint that will determine data capability in the long run.


Automated and Intelligent Data Engineering Platform The way large amount of data is exchanged, cleaned, integrated, and made ready for processing in analytics, AI and ML use cases. How much of the entire process is automated, what kind of tools are used at various stages and whether there is inter stage compatibility in them and the level of centralization and transparency determines the quality and integrity of data.


Data Management and Automation Data Management represents the processes to manage the multiple components like the database, storage, network, security, intelligence platform, BI applications, and data back-up as a system. These processes can be automated for reduction or even elimination of human intervention with time.


Centralized and Automated Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Mart, Data Lake Enterprise data warehouse, data marts, and data lakes is pooling together of variety of data in a common place for it to be readily available for the applications that wish to use them. The interface with the source and the user applications can be automated for a speedier processing.


Integrated and Centralized Enterprise BI/ Analytics/ AI/ ML Application The data intelligence platform (tools that process data for insights), BI and analytics applications, and data reporting platform in terms of dashboards and reports. It can vary from being simple and isolated data being presented to a high level of integration across customer, operations, and financial data with real time data flow, dynamic algorithms for modelling, and ability to go deeper into granularity, in short can address complex business queries.


Innovative BI/ Analytics Use Case Innovative use cases for BI/ Analytics across the value chain – customers, sales and marketing, HR and Admin, supply chain, operations, and IT.


Innovative AI/ ML Use Case Innovative use cases for AI/ ML across the value chain – customers, sales and marketing, HR and Admin, supply chain, operations, and IT.